VIDEO: Pro-Invasion Leftists Chant: ‘No Borders, No Nations’; ‘Let Fortress Europe Fall’

Fight Fortress Europe Twitter

“Brick by brick, wall by wall, let the fortress Europe fall!”

“No nations, no borders, fight law and order!”

This past weekend on the Austria-Slovenia border, radical leftists marched in support of the mass Muslim migration into Europe in the Austrian town of Spielfeld where Muslim migrants were being bottled up at the Slovenia border crossing town of Sentilj

Fight Fortress Europe Twitter
European leftists marching in support of Muslim migrants in Spielfeld, Austria face off against police, October 30, 2015, image via Twitter.

The march was in response to an anti-Muslim invasion protest being held in Spielfeld by people the leftists called ‘fascists’.

Two videos posted to YouTube show the demonstrators carrying a large green banner with gold lettering that read, “Refugees Welcome.”

Chants in English were:

“Brick by brick, wall by wall, let the fortress Europe fall!”

“No nations, no borders, fight law and order!”

“No borders, no nations, stop deportations!”

“Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!”

The first video is an unedited 1:47 clip of the march.

The second video (2:45) was professionally edited and posted by It shows several busloads of Muslim migrants being driven across the Austrian border from Slovenia.

The video was posted with this message:

“From the call of Protirasistična fronta brez meja (antiracist front against the borders): The solution is not sending people back or subjecting them to a life without perspective in closed refuge centres isolated from broader society. The solution is to build a common European society together, as citizens, refugees and migrants.”

A 26:28 long video posted to YouTube on Saturday by the Russian government owned RT shows thousands of Muslim migrants being held at Slovenia side of the border near where the Austrian protest took place.

The video was captioned:

“Streamed live on Oct 30, 2015. Thousands of refugees wait to cross from Sentilj, Slovenia to Spielfeld, Austria where they wait for buses to take them further into Austria.”

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