VIDEO=> MO Dem Leader Promises $15 Minimum Wage Across State – Damn the Consequences

On Sunday Nov. 1st Black Lives Matter activists held a massive meeting at St. Louis University.

A large, predominantly older, white crowd attended the meeting.

Several MO State Reps were also there to pander to the crowd, promising to renew the fight for the job killing $15 minimum wage.


Despite the common sense and the evidence that it would kill jobs, Missouri House Minority Leader Jacob Hummel promised the crowd that his party would enact a $15 STATE WIDE minimum wage in the upcoming legislative session.

A similar wage increase was recently implemented in Seattle with disastrous results.

I caught up with Hummel to ask him how a state wide $15 minimum wage would garner different results in Missouri than it did in Seattle.

The Democrat leader wouldn’t even entertain the possibility of negative results and instead choose to deny the reality of the situation.

You can see the exchange in the video below.

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