VIDEO=> Leftists Attack Anti-Islamist Activists in Paris Following Bloody ISIS Slaughter

On Friday night eight Islamists with ISIS slaughtered 127 innocents in the streets of Paris.
The Islamists mowed their victims down at outdoor cafes and concert halls then blew themselves up with suicide vests.

On Saturday several French activists held a protest against Islamists.
protests france
Police stepped in to protect the protesters from the violent mob.

The enraged leftists screamed at the protesters as if they were the murderers!


Obviously, two massive terrorist attacks this year in Paris were not enough to get the French to wake up.
Here is another video of the protest from Conservative Firing Line:

A demonstration against Islam in France today.Not sure what us being chanted. Can somebody recognize it and tell us….

Posted by Alan SilverNews on Saturday, November 14, 2015

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