VIDEO => Eric Greitens Pushes Job Killing Global Warming Legislation

Eric Greitens is trying hard to convince conservatives of Missouri that he is worthy of been the GOP nominee for Governor in 2016.

He has dubbed himself the “Conservative Outsider” in the race.

Looking at his past one could say outsider is accurate but conservative not so much.


Up until 2013 Mr. Greitens was an active leftist with ties to the Clintons and George Soros.

He endorsed ultra liberal St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay in his 2013 election.

Last week video was released of Greitens praising Woodrow Wilson and the United Nations. Two things that draw the eyre of conservatives.

Further investigation has uncovered more revealing footage.

In the recently discovered footage from 2009 Greitens joins Former Senator John Warner and others in pushing global warming hysteria and President Obama’s job killing cap and trade legislation.

See that footage here:

We would love to give Mr. Greitens an opportunity to address this footage and the other issues that cast doubt on his conservative credentials but thus far he has declined to comment.

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