VIDEO=> Czech President Warns Against Islamic “Culture of Murderers” at Prague Rally

Czech President Milos Zeman spoke at the anti-Islamist rally in Prague on Tuesday following the ISIS Paris massacre.

Zeman warned against the Islamic “culture of murderers” during his speech.

Zeman slammed the European Union for imposing quotas of refugees on member states.


paris video
Islamists slaughtered 132 innocents in Paris on Friday.

The AP reported:

The Czech Republic’s president marked the 26th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution by addressing a rally of his supporters organized by an anti-Muslim group.

Amid heavy security, the Bloc against Islam rallied Tuesday in support of President Milos Zeman, who is known for his anti-Islam rhetoric. Zeman told the crowd of several thousand that they aren’t extremists.

Riot police separated them from a counter-demonstration.

The rally took place at a university campus where the anti-Communist revolution began in 1989, prompting Charles University officials to distance themselves from it.

The migrant crisis and the Paris attacks attracted thousands of people to different rallies in Prague in favor and against refugees, even though the country has seen only a small number of asylum-seekers compared to other European nations.

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