Utah Junior High School Has Students Make A Propaganda Poster FOR ISIS (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister

Children in Utah asked to draw ISIS propaganda posters.

Parents in Salem, Utah are upset over a classroom assignment which involved making a propaganda poster for ISIS.
You have to wonder why the school didn’t realize this would be controversial.


FOX 13 in Utah reports:

Utah school apologizes for homework assignment to make propaganda poster for terrorist group

Students in 9th grade at Salem Junior High School were given a homework assignment where they were told to draw a propaganda poster for a terrorist organization.

After parents complained, the assignment was canceled. However, many students had already completed it, leaving some parents concerned about what they had been exposed to in the process.

Annie Langston couldn’t believe her 14-year-old daughter Mikalia was given the assignment.

“My initial response was, ‘there’s no way you’re going to do this assignment,'” Langston said.

To complete her assignment, 9th grade Mikalia ended up on the Internet, where she typed in, ‘how to recruit for ISIS’ into Google. Her mother thinks it’s an inappropriate topic for her teenager to explore while the world remains on high alert after recent threats from the deadly terrorist organization. She decided to write a letter to the teacher and the principal, asking for an explanation.

Langston said: “In light of what happened in Paris, is that the reason for this assignment? I feel a different assignment or report could’ve been chosen or a discussion in class about the tragic events.”

Here’s the video:

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