UPDATE=> Merced Sheriff: Faisal Mohammad’s Belongings Show He Intended to Do More Harm

Four people were stabbed Wednesday on the campus of UC Merced.

The attacker was shot dead with a gun.

The suspect was named on Thursday morning — FAISAL MOHAMMAD was a freshman on campus.
He was carrying an 8-10 inch knife.


Faisal Mohammad was wearing “all black” during the attack on campus.

** Here is Faisal’s Google+ account.

“He had like a sweatshirt, and the hoodie was up… and it covered his whole face,” student Blanca Ayala said.

The suspect carried a black backpack. He was shot by a campus police officer on Scholars Bridge, which cuts through the middle of campus.

Faisal was reportedly a shy kid – with knives.

The Merced Sheriff today said the items in Mohammad’s backback indicate he had plans to injure more people.
Via Twitchy:

** The Sheriff’s office say they have a possible motive.

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