Trump Bounces 2 Hecklers at Columbus Rally: “Yeah, Get em the Hell Out of Here” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump spoke tonight to a packed house of 12,000 supporters in Columbus, Ohio.

At one point a couple far left hecklers interrupted his speech.
Donald Trump handled it as only Donald Trump can.
trump hecklers

Donald Trump: And I said we have to surveil. We have to have strong surveillance. We have to create lists for the Syrian refugees coming. We have to create lists. We have to create lists.

Audience: Boos from two hecklers.

Donald Trump: Two people. Two people. So sad. You know it’s sad. And you know part of the problem. We have 10,000, 12,000 people here. Those two people will have a little line and go we’re bigots. Yeah, we’re not bigots. Yeah, get em the hell out. Get em out.”

The hecklers were booed loudly and tossed out.

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