The Media Is Going GAGA Over Obama’s SYRIAN REFUGEE PLAN


While some 64 percent of Americans are against Syrian refugees coming into the country, Obama doesn’t care. He’s still going along with his plan and the media is loving every second of it.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Many in the mainstream press are calling for the U.S. to admit as many Syrian and Iraqi refugees as possible, despite warnings from top intelligence officials and evidence that refugees have been arrested for terror-related activity, and evidence that one of the Paris attackers last week entered France as a refugee.

On Thursday, New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof said it would be a “stain on our conscience” to reject refugees attempting to escape war zones in Syria and Iraq, both of which are under siege by the terrorist group the Islamic State.

“[S]ecurity is critical,” he wrote, “but I’ve known people who have gone through the refugee vetting process, and it’s a painstaking ordeal that lasts two years or more. It’s incomparably more rigorous than other pathways to the United States.”

While the media drools, the American public worries what the future holds.


Image: (Washington Examiner)

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