Mainstream Media’s New Narrative: Donald Trump IS A FASCIST NAZI

donald trump

It’s always hilarious when the leftist media and their Democrat counterparts call anyone a fascist, considering they’re the ones who want to silence anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

Here’s CNN’s latest report about how Donald Trump is a fascist:

But it was after Trump started calling for stronger surveillance of Muslim-Americans in the aftermath of theParis terrorist attacks that a handful of conservatives ventured to call Trump’s rhetoric something much more dangerous: fascism.

Since launching his campaign this summer, the billionaire real estate magnate has regularly deployedinflammatory rhetoric about immigrants — particularly regarding Latinos — and repeatedly raised the alarm about foreigners entering the country. That has escalated following the series of shooting rampages and explosions in Paris this month allegedly perpetrated by ISIS and amid a nationaldebate over accepting Syrian refugees.

And yet the American public loves Trump and hates the media. Does anyone wonder why?

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