THAT MANY? Only 27 Percent of Voters Think Hillary Clinton is Honest

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Chuck Todd reported today that a mere 27% of voters see Hillary Clinton as honest and straightforward. That’s not a recipe for success in a presidential election.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

NBC anchor Chuck Todd said on Sunday that only 27 percent of voters think Hillary Clinton is honest or straightforward.

“Just 27 percent of all voters and 52 percent of Democratic primary voters give Clinton a good rating on being honest and straightforward,” Todd said on Meet the Press.

Clinton has justified her use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State, saying that government officials knew she used a personal account.

“It was fully above board. The people in the government knew that I was using a personal account,” Clinton said.

Obama administration officials have contradicted Clinton’s claim. In a 60 Minutes interview, President Obama said he didn’t know that Clinton used a private server to conduct government business. Former Obama White House senior adviser David Axelrod also said he didn’t know that Clinton used a private server.

Many of Clinton’s statements about her private email scandal have been proven false.

Here’s the video report:

She’s lucky that anyone still finds her trustworthy.

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