Thanks Obama! Public Debt Has DOUBLED Under Our Beloved President


Debt just isn’t an issue for liberals. They don’t care about it, they don’t try to remedy it and they use it to get votes later on, all under the guise of “investing in the public good.”

Well, today we found out that President Obama has been wildly successful in raising public debt more than ever:

President Obama reached a milestone last week: a doubling of the national debt held by the public in his nearly seven years in office.

Obama made his first presidential impression on federal spending in mid-March, 2009, less than two months after entering office. When he signed an omnibus spending bill into law that boosted federal agency budgets by double digits in some cases, the debt held by the public sat at $6.662 trillion.

Late last week, just days after Obama signed a bill to suspend the debt ceiling, total public debt rose to $13.378 trillion, doubling in just short of seven years.

Thanks Obama!

Image: (CNN)

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