Ted Cruz on Paris Attacks: “I Recognize Barack Obama Does Not Wish to Defend This Country” (Video)

Senator Ted Cruz went on FOX and Friends Saturday morning after the bloody slaughter by ISIS in Paris.

ISIS released a statement on Saturday claiming responsibility for the Islamic terror attacks on Paris Friday night that killed around 127 and wounded more than 200.

The bloody attacks were carried out by eight terrorists employing gunfire and explosives on several locations.


bataclan deaths
Terrorists victims on the sidewalk outside the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris. (Al-Arabiya)

ISIS released an audio promising: “This is just the beginning.”

The terrorists were carrying passports from Egypt, France and Syria.

Ted Cruz responded to this horrific attack on the West. He also commented on Barack Obama’s cowardice and neglect of duty.

FOX Host Jon Scott: If you do succeed in winning the office does it mean application of military force toward ISIS?

Senator Ted Cruz: It means that we will have a Commander in Chief who takes seriously defeating radical Islamic terrorism. I recognize that Barack Obama does not wish to defend this country. He may be tired of war but our enemies are not tired of killing us.

Via FOX and Friends:

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