Thanks Obama: Taliban Closes Schools for 10,000 Children – Will Use Kids as Soldiers


Another Obama success story–
The Taliban closed down around a hundred schools in Badakshan province this week ending education for around 10,000 children. The terrorist group recruited several children to fight as Islamic warriors.
The IBTimes reported:

The Taliban has closed down about a hundred schools in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province, denying education to nearly 10,000 students, according to local media.

The Afghan Taliban is also recruiting students from the region to fight for them as child soldiers, officials have revealed.

The Taliban has shut all 90 schools in Badakhshan, acting governor of Badakhshan Shah Waliullah Adeeb was quoted as saying by Khaama Press. As many as 10,000 students, comprising 40% girls, used to attend those schools in Afghanistan, the report said.

“We are deeply concerned about the problem, because 40% of our students constitute girls. If the same situation continues, the education year is likely to be disrupted,” acting head of Badakhshan education department Abdul Raziq Tariq was quoted as saying.

It’s a good thing Bush isn’t president.

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