What Could Go Wrong? King of Sweden to Allow Migrants to Utilize Royal Land

Swedish open border activists called on the country’s royal family to open the palaces to the tens of thousands of migrants flooding the country.
drottningholm palace
Drottningholm Palace in Sweden

Sweden’s King Carl Gustaf said yesterday he’s prepared to let migrants who want to make their home in his country utilize royal land.

Certainly, the migrants will respect the historic cultural landmarks.
The Local reported:

A Swedish social media campaign calling for the country’s royal family to use vacant palaces to house refugees fleeing conflicts in their home nations hasn’t got the result that campaigners were hoping for.

“No, it is not happening,” Director of Information and Press for Sweden’s Royal Court Margareta Thorgren told The Local on Wednesday.

“We have had a lot of questions mostly on social media. It is positive that people are engaged with these questions and thinking creatively how we can help out (…) But Stockholm’s palace is one of Sweden’s most attractive tourist destinations,” she said.

“It is a museum and it is open for the public and then also it is an office for a lot of people including myself (…) It is not an empty castle that can take in refugees.”

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