SUSPECT SURRENDERS In Colorado Shooting at Planned Parenthood Clinic

Police have detained a shooter at a Planned Parenthood building, according to Colorado Springs police.

Four police officers and five civilians were injured in a shooting.police co

The Colorado Springs Gazette reported:


Radio traffic from police starting at 4:50 p.m.:

* “He’s going to come out with his hands up.”

* “He’s standing up.”

* “Can you confirm he has his hands clear?”

* “He’s facing down that hallway to the east, his shoulders down.”

* “Bear, you can back up.”

* “Bear, he is coming out.”

* “We’ve got to take him out if he has any IED suspicion on him.”

* “Are we in the way of the snipers?”

* “Z-39, we have one suspect trained right now.”

* 4:52 p.m.: “We have our suspect right now. He is alone and by himself.”

Police then began to disperse throughout the building to search for improvised explosive devices.

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