St. Louis Mayor CONFRONTED on City’s Syrian Refugee Program – Chief of Staff Calls Reporter “Terrorist” (VIDEO)

The Syrian refugee crisis has become a major issue in America following the ISIS Paris attacks. ISIS killers slaughtered 132 people at six different Paris locations on November 13, 2015. At least two of the killers entered Europe as Syrian refugees.


Polls show a majority of Americans oppose accepting Syrian refugees and disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the situation.

There is legitimate concern among citizens and lawmakers alike that some refugees could be terrorists like those who perpetrated the Paris attacks.


In October FBI Director James Comey testified before the Homeland Security Committee stating the FBI could not vet all Syrian refugees entering the United States. Because of the this, the House of Representatives voted to halt the Syrian refugee program in a bipartisan veto-proof vote that included 47 Democrats.

Despite all of the legitimate opposition to the refugee program St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay INSISTS on bringing Syrian refugees into the city.

On Monday we caught up with Mayor Slay. Reporter Adam Sharp asked him to address concerns that the refugee program could bring potential terrorists into the city.

Mayor Slay ran away, leaving his Chief of Staff Mary Ellen Ponder to answer for him.
chief of staff

How did Mayor Slay’s Chief of Staff answer legitimate concerns on the mayor’s refugee plans? …By calling reporter Adam Sharp A TERRORIST.

It’s all on video.

You Stay Classy, Slay Administration.

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