Sick: Terrorist Imam Father Praises 16 Year-Old Palestinian Daughter Killed Trying to Stab Israelis

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A sixteen-year-old Palestinian girl was killed on Sunday while trying to stab Israelis. The girl was first hit by a car driven by an Israeli citizen who saw her pull out a knife and move to stab someone. Then an Israeli soldier and another civilian shot the girl and killed her.

Palestinian Girl Terrorist Knife Twitter

The New York Times reported on the girl’s father giving his blessing to his daughter to try to murder Jews in Israel. The article notes the father is an Imam at a mosque and is also member of a terrorist group, Islamic Jihad.

The first attack Sunday occurred at an intersection in northern West Bank. Gershon Mesika, a former leader of the settlement council, said he spotted a teenage girl with a knife chasing an Israeli girl, and rammed the would-be attacker with his car. An Israeli soldier then shot the girl.

“In a split second I made my decision,” Mr. Mesika told Army Radio. “I took a sharp right and knocked into her with the car. She fell and a soldier came and finished the job.”

Raed Amr, the head of a group in Nablus that advocates on behalf of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel, identified the slain Palestinian as Ashrakat Qattanani, 16, from a nearby refugee camp, and said her father, Taha Qattanani, was involved with Islamic Jihad, a militant group.

“My daughter went to the Hawara checkpoint today to seek revenge in her own hands against the Israelis who have stolen our land and continue to kill innocent Palestinian people,” Mr. Qattanani, an imam at a neighborhood mosque, said in an interview. “Last night, she was very upset, and said, ‘If I become a martyr, give my organs to a Palestinian who needs them.’”

The Palestinian government declared her death “a brutal war crime against humanity and childhood.” A Twitter account affiliated with Mr. Abbas’s Fatah party circulated a photograph of Mr. Mesika with a blood-spattered target on his face, and a spokesman for the militant Palestinian faction Hamas called for him to be killed.

Palestinian Girl Terrorist Killed Twitter
Soldiers at scene of Palestinian girl terrorist killed, image via Twitter.


Link to interview with father cited by Times.

Fatah Party associated Twitter account calls for murder of Gershon Mesika:

The Jerusalem Post spoke with the intended victim of the thwarted terror attack.

“Avigail Shomriyah, 21, said that she had been at the bus stop attempting to hitch a ride to her college, when the terrorist attempted to stab her.

“I turned around and saw a terrorist with a large knife and murderous looking eyes. It was a very large knife. I ran in the direction of the soldiers, she ran after me. Then Gershon ran her over. Then they shot her,” Shomriya said.

“I continued to run, I was afraid someone would run over me,” Shomriyah said.

A resident of the nearby Itamar settlement had also stopped to pick up hitch-hikers, when the Palestinian woman took out her knife.

“I got out of my car. Gershon had already run her over. I shot her twice. Then a soldier shot her twice,” he said.

“That is how my morning began,” he added.

This was one of three attempted stabbing attacks in Israel on Sunday.

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