SICK: Hillary LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY When Male Supporter Threatens to Strangle Republican Fiorina (VIDEO)

What a sick woman–
Hillary Clinton laughed hysterically when a male supporter told her he wants to strangle Republican Carly Fiorina.

hillary sick joke

Because strangling women if funny to Hillary.

For the record – The man sounded like another Hillary plant.


The Daily Mail reprted:

Hillary Clinton laughed off a comment from a supporter on Tuesday who said he wanted to ‘strangle’ Republican Carly Fiorina every time he sees her on television.

‘Every time I see her on TV I want to reach through and strangle her,’ the man said during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. ‘I know that doesn’t sound very nice.’

Amid laughter – some of which came from Hillary herself – the candidate shot back: ‘I wouldn’t mess with you!’

The man said he had worked at one time at Hewlett-Packard, the tech company where Fiorina was once CEO, and was later laid off.

Clinton demanded in September that Donald Trump apologie for failing to upbraid a New Hampshire man who began a town hall Q&A with anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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