Rush Limbaugh: Bush, Kasich “Running as Democrats” – Jeb Bush Is in Denial

Radio talk show host and author Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the FOX Business Republican on Wednesday’s show. Rush told his audience Jeb is only still in the race because of denial.

Rush also accused Jeb Bush and John Kasich of “running as Democrats.”

Rush Limbaugh reported:


RUSH: Here’s another thing about Jeb. They have to know at the Jeb campaign why Trump is leading, and in the national polls Trump still is leading. They have to know it’s immigration. They have to know that they, the Bush campaign and the candidate himself, Jeb, they have to know that they’re on the wrong side of that issue when it comes to Republican primary voters. They have to know that, do they not?

Now, I know that Jeb and his team have said that their goal was to win the nomination without the base, to win the nomination and not win the primaries or some such thing. The way you do that is with money. You just get all the money from all the donors. You deny money to everybody else and you just outlast ’em. You get all the conservatives running against each other, divy up the support to each and money to each and you get rid of ’em that way. But by this time Jeb’s sitting there three, four points, and he’s not moving. Anybody else at three, four points this long would be gone. But they’re still hanging in there because they’re in a state of denial.

I still think at the Bush campaign they don’t think Trump’s real. I don’t think they believe any of this is really meaningful. This is all something weird and odd. It isn’t gonna be Carson. It isn’t gonna be Trump. I think that’s what they’re telling themselves in the bowels of the Bush campaign. It’s not gonna be those two guys. This is unreal. This is sick. These guys are not professional politicians, not establishment types, donors don’t like ’em, this isn’t gonna work. So they think they’re gonna bomb out, go away, something’s gonna happen.

Even so, why in the world would you, knowing full well that you’re sitting where you’re sitting in large part because of your immigration position, it’s a Republican primary, why would you say something like Jeb said? “They’re having high fives in the Clinton campaign right now when they hear this.” What were they hearing? The Republicans were having a discussion about stopping illegal immigration. The Republicans were having a debate about the economics of illegal immigration. Not the civil rights aspect of it, and not the compassion for the poor, unless you want to talk about compassion for the America worker who gets screwed because of all these newly arriving unskilled, low educated workers that will work for dirt cheap. In that sense you could say it’s a compassion issue, but for the American worker.

Cruz made it clear here that this is not a civil rights issue and people are not anti-immigrant. It’s an economics issue and it’s a legal issue. We’re a nation of laws. We got immigration laws and Jeb’s openly talking about how over on the Democrat side, when the Republicans talk about enforcing the law and protecting American jobs and raising American wages, the Democrats and Hillary are applauding? Somehow the Republicans were killing themselves? The Republicans, in Jeb’s eyes, were hurting themselves standing up for the American worker, standing up for the rule of law. Does Jeb really think these laws just should be ignored?

Does Jeb think we ought to get rid of these laws? Does he think enforcing them is a terrible thing? You know, that’s what the liberals think, like these clowns at the University of Missouri. What they really don’t want is laws enforced, laws that they don’t like equal prison or injustice or lack of justice, lack of freedom or what have you. And then Kasich got in on it at the same time. Kasich starts talking about (imitating Kasich), “Think about the families, come on, folks, come on! Who are we? Come on, think about the families, we’re not gonna send 11, 12 million people home, coooomeee on! Come on, this isn’t real, what am I doing here? You people are all idiots. I’m the only guy that’s conservative as a candidate and liberal as a governor. I’m the only guy here that has a heart. I’m the only guy here that has feelings. I’m the only guy here who knows the pain and suffering of mailmen and coal miners, my God, what am I doing here? You people don’t know a thing, ah, it’s embarrassing, what happened to our party? What happened to our movement? Oh, my God, oh, my God.”

He and Jeb, I just don’t get it.

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