Reporter Asks Fast Food Worker Why She Should Be Paid More Than Paramedics And YOU WON’T BELIEVE HER ANSWER (VIDEO)

Fast Food Worker

Fast food workers in Detroit are protesting for a higher minimum wage. A reporter spoke to one protester and their exchange will blow your mind.

The Blaze reports:

A Detroit fast food worker was confronted by a reporter earlier this week and asked why she deserved to earn $15 an hour when he claimed many paramedics do not.

“Some people say that paramedics make $15 an hour. They save lives. So why should fast food workers get that?” WJBK-TV reporter Roop Raj asked.

Protester Lakecha Jackson had quite the answer.

“Because we do too much,” she replied. “We do more than we get paid.”

Watch the video to the end for the key exchange:


These folks are not dealing in reality.


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