Report: UC Mercer Stabber Faisal Mohammad Was on Terror Watch List – Was Carrying ISIS Flag Printout

Four people were stabbed last Wednesday on the campus of UC Merced.

The attacker FAISAL MOHAMMAD was shot dead with a gun.
Faisal was a freshman on campus.

He was carrying an 8-10 inch knife.


Faisal Mohammad was wearing “all black” during the attack on campus. The Merced Sheriff Mohammad’s backback items indicated he had plans to injure more people. He left a note praising Allah.

Faisal Mohammad was reportedly on a terrorist watch list and his college was warned of the threat.

Now this…
Faisal Mohammad was carrying an ISIS flag print out when he went on his stabbing rampage.
The Daily Mail reported:

The student accused of stabbing four people at University of California was said to be carrying a printout of an Islamic State flag during the attack last week.

It was found among Faisal Mohammad’s belongings, which also included a handwritten two-page note, a police source told the Merced Sun Star, which reported that the significance of those items was still being investigated.

Mohammad was shot and killed by a campus police officer after stabbing two students, a construction worker and a university employee.

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