Authorities Arrest Robert Lewis Dear – Planned Parenthood Shooter

This post was updated—

Police detained a shooter at a Planned Parenthood building this afternoon, according to Colorado Springs police.

Robert Lewis Dear


Four police officers and five civilians were injured in a shooting.

Local media captured video of the shooter being led away in handcuffs.

The suspect was identified as Robert Lewis Dear, age 59.
CBS Local reported:

Nine people who were wounded — five police officers and four civilians — were hospitalized in good condition, Buckley said. The extent of their injuries was not known, although CBS Denver reported that one officer was shot in the hand.

Three law enforcement sources identified the suspect to CBS News as Robert Lewis Dear, 59. Authorities believed he acted alone, according to Buckley.

The shooter is being described as middle-aged white male.
He was using a long gun. He surrendered.

UPDATE: Robert Lewis Dear is from North Carolina.

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