Radical Hispanic Group Offers $5,000 Bounty to Disrupt on SNL – Releases “F*ck You Trump” Kids Video

A radical open-borders Hispanic group is offering a $5,000 bounty to disrupt and scream at Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

DeportRacism.com Democratic PAC is giving $5,000 to anyone who calls Trump a racist on the show.
trump snl

The group also released an anti-Trump video with kids screaming, “F*ck You, Racist F*ck!”
(Warning on Language)

Angered that NBC invited Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to host NBC’s Saturday Night Live November 7th show, democratic FEC registered Latino rights PAC DeportRacism.com has taken the unprecedented move of offering a $5,000 “bounty” to anyone on the show’s set or in the studio audience who will disrupt the live TV broadcast with the words “deport racism” or “Trump is a racist.” The aggressive action comes on the heels of the work of a coalition of mainstream Latino rights groups that are organizing behind the hashtag #RacismIsntFunny having little success convincing NBC that a person who calls Mexican immigrants “rapists,” “drug dealers” and “anchor babies” has no place on the storied stage of the iconic American comedy institution. Details of the “cash for confrontation” offer are spelled out on the group’s website, DeportRacism.com.

The PAC also released a F-bomb-filled viral video, “Trashing Trump: Latino Kids Pound Racism Like a Piñata.” The video features a Donald Trump piñata and American-born Latino kids as young as 6 years-old using some comedically offensive language in both English and Spanish to counter the equally offensive words like “anchor baby” that the Republican presidential frontrunner uses to describe Latino-American kids who are, in fact, U.S. citizens. The social media blitz comes from the director of the recent 35-million-viewed controversial gender equality viral hit “Potty-Mouth Princesses,” which was labeled by Entertainment Tonight as “one of the hottest topics on the planet.

Santiago Cejudo, an organizer with the group stated, “NBC’s refusal to drop Trump has put us in the position of dropping $5,000 of cold hard cash to anyone who will yell out ‘Trump is a racist’ during the live broadcast of Saturday Night Live. We’re hoping the $5,000 will help people on set or in the studio audience find the bravery to speak out loudly and help focus the national conversation on that we need to deport racism, not people. It’s 2016, and Trump needs to hear that you can’t win the White House without the brown vote.”

Video director Luke Montgomery adds, “Calling American born children who are U.S. citizens “anchor babies” and threatening to tear up the constitution to strip these citizens of their rights is offensive language. Which is why the adorable and articulate Latino kids in the video fight back with some comedically offensive language of their own, F-bombing Trump’s racism. They are using bad words for a good cause.”

Kids Quotes from the Video “Trashing Trump: Latino Kids Pound Racism Like a Piñata”:

“Hola Donal Trump. Screaming ‘get out of my country,’ Republicans use offensive words. So here’s a few of our own. F*ck you racist fuck.”

“My name is Ricardo, my friends call me rick. But you keep calling me ‘anchor baby?’ Wow. Racist dick.”

“The constitution makes me a citizen and you hate that because I’m brown. You say you’re a patriot, but you want to tear the bill of rights down?”

“I’m an American, born in the USA. This is my home, you can’t take my rights away. If you don’t like our constitution and what it stands for, get the f*ck out of my country. There’s the door.”

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