Prague Cancels Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Out of Fears of Terrorism (Video)

christmas tree prague

Prague officials cancelled the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony this year after the ISIS Paris attacks. City officials also said they are concerned firecrackers may start a deadly stampede at the ceremony.

It appears the terrorists are winning.
Praha.idenes reported, via Vlad Tepes:

On Monday, Prague had cancelled the ceremonial Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, which was to have taken place on Saturday, the 28th of November, in the Old Town Square. The city leadership had done so for security reasons, following the events in France, where 130 people lost their lives in terrorist attacks.

According to the spokesperson for the Christmas Markets (the opening day of which is marked by the tree-lighting ceremony) Hana Tietze, this is not due to fears of a terrorist attack but because of fears that people might over-react to something, like, say, firecrackers.

Instead of one lighting ceremony, the tree will be lit up every hour, to musical accompaniment.

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