Pope Francis: Jobs and Education Will Prevent Jihadist Indoctrination

On his first visit to Africa Pope Francis told supporters jobs and education will prevent young people from joining radical Islamist groups like Al-Shabaab.

Of course, it is a myth that the poor and oppressed become jihadists. This has been disproven in hundreds, if not thousands, of instances. Jihadists become radicalized because of Islamic teaching not because of economic challenges.

The Socialist pope also said everyone should have adequate housing, sewage systems, garbage collection and electricity.
USA Today reported:


Pope Francis said Friday that education and jobs will prevent young people from being radicalized and heading off to join militant groups.

The pontiff, who was visiting Kenya’s capital Nairobi, was asked what young people can do to prevent their friends and relatives from joining militants, such as the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab, based in neighboring Somalia. Kenyans make up most of foreign fighters in al-Shabab’s ranks.

“If a young person has no work, what kind of a future does he or she have? ” the pope said. “That’s where the idea of being recruited comes from.”

Earlier Friday, the pope denounced the conditions that many are forced to live in during a visit to a slum in Nairobi.

The pontiff said that access to safe water is a basic human right during the trip to the Kangemi area in the northwest of the city, where about 50,000 people live without basic sanitation.

He said that everyone should have dignified, adequate housing, with a sewage system, garbage collection and electricity as well as schools, hospitals and sport facilities.

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