PHOTOS=> Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter Protest Trump in Columbus

Protesters from Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter gathered outside a campaign rally by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Columbus, Ohio Monday night.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio posted several photos and short videos of the protest to Twitter. Other photos were posted by reporters and rally attendees.

“Pink face paint?!? Yes please! #OHStandsWithPP #TrumpinCBus #DumpTrump”


“Anti-choice Faith 2 Action protesters are yelling #AllLivesMatter, in response to us chanting #BlackLiveMatter. #OHStandsWithPP #DumpTrump”

Video posted by a rally attendee:

Photo by liberal activist:

And some by a reporter:

“Hundred or so protesters yelling “black lives matter” “my body my choices” outside convention center.”

In contrast to the hundred or so protesters, over 15,000 Trump supporters attended the rally despite efforts by liberals to sabotage ticket distribution by making bogus ticket orders.

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