Outrageous! ESPN Runs Gun Control Ad Disguised as Tribute to Chattanooga Shooting Victims – Omits Essential Facts

In July 2015 Tennessee jihadist Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez texted an Islamic verse to a friend then went out and gunned four Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Jihadist Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez murdered four Marines and a Navy sailor in July.

The recruitment centers were gun-free zones.
The Marines were sitting ducks.


Four US Marines and a Navy sailor were shot dead in the attacks.
heroes chattanooga

On Monday Night Football this week, ESPN ran a nine-minute long commercial for gun-control disguised as a tribute to the victims of Chattanooga Navy Recruiting center.

ESPN prefaced the ad with some statistics on the number of mass shootings and related deaths to imply this was just another senseless shooting that could have been avoided with proper gun control.

There was no mention that the gunman was a Muslim terrorist and no mention of the fact that the gun free zone contributed to the loss.

ESPN did not mention this at all in their nine-minute tribute.

ESPN has been ramping up their liberal bias for several years. Today they offer prominent space for liberal Nate Silver to talk politics on their website. They gave Keith oberman a platform to spew his outrageous comments until recently. And their stable of reporters includes several social justice warriors – on a sports channel.

But the omission of the facts in this tribute is irresponsible, purposeful and dishonest.

Peyton Manning is a true hero.
ESPN is not.

Hat Tip Russell

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