OF COURSE: Quentin Tarantino Blames Police Brutality On ‘WHITE SUPREMACY’ (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister

Quentin Tarantino

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino recently came under fire for calling police officers “murderers” at an anti-cop rally.

Thousands of cops across the country launched a boycott of his movies as a result.


Last night, he appeared on MSNBC but did little to diffuse the controversy. In fact, he seemed mentally unstable as he invoked “white supremacy” as a problem in law enforcement.

Ian Hanchett of Breitbart reports:

Director Quentin Tarantino defended his comments that have triggered boycotts from police unions, and argued police brutality “ultimately what I feel is a problem of white supremacy in this country” on Wednesday’s “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC.

Tarantino explained his statement that triggered the boycott by saying, “Well, we were at a rally that was dealing with unarmed people, mostly black and brown, who have been shot and killed, or beaten, or strangled by the police, and I was obviously referring to the people in those type of situations. I was referring to Eric Garner. I was referring to Sam DuBose. I was referring to Antonio [Lopez Guzman]. I was referring to Tamir Rice. That’s what I was referring to.”…

Tarantino was then asked how he ended up attending the march. He answered that the group who put in, #RiseUpOctober, “got in touch with me, because I had made statements in some interviews, you know, along the way, that had suggested that I’m on their side when it comes to this issue of, you know, ultimately what I feel is a problem of white supremacy in this country.”

Here’s the video, via the FOX News Insider:

Keep digging that hole, Quentin.

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