OF COURSE: Bernie Sanders Pushes U.S. To Accept Syrian Refugees

Bernie Sanders

Why should Americans listen to Sanders on this issue? He believes terrorism is caused by climate change. Doesn’t that pretty much disqualify his opinion?

Politico reports:

Sanders: We will not turn our backs on Syrian refugees

Bernie Sanders slammed calls to shut the borders to Syrian refugees, telling supporters at a Monday night campaign rally that “now is not the time for demagoguery and fear-mongering.”

“Every American has been appalled and disgusted by the attack against the people of Paris by the terrorist organization ISIS,” the independent Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate told a crowd of about 7,000 in Cleveland, according to his campaign. “I know all of us send our condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones. And we pray for the recovery of all those who were injured, many of them seriously.”

“In my view, now is the time for developing a serious and effective approach to destroy ISIS. Now is not the time for taking cheap political advantage of this tragedy. Now is the time – as President Obama is trying to do – to unite the world in an organized campaign against ISIS that will eliminate the stain of ISIS from this world,” Sanders said.

The United States must not turn its backs on refugees fleeing violence from places like Syria or Afghanistan, he said, on the same day that governors of more than two dozen states said that they would try to stop the flow of immigrants from Syria out of concerns stemming from the fact that one of the terrorists in Friday’s deadly attacks in France came from Syria.

Thanks for the lecture, Bernie. Your party has done such a bang up job with ISIS so far.

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