Obama Warns of “Submerged Countries, Abandoned Cities, Fields Than No Longer Grow” at COP21 Summit

Oh brother.
Barack Obama issued a dire warning today at the COP21 global warming summit in Paris.
obama alaska villages

Obama told the audience that the rising sea level in Alaska is already swallowing up villages. He warned of submerged countries and abandoned cities.

Obama: This summer I saw the effects of climate change firsthand in our northern-most state Alaska. Where the sea is already swallowing villages and eroding shorelines. Where permafrost thaws and the tundra burns. Where glaciers are melting at a pace unprecedented in modern times. And it was a preview of one possible future, a glimpse of our children’s fate if climate keeps changing faster than our efforts to address it. Submerged countries, abandoned cities, fields that no longer grow.

By the way… There is NO RECORD of an Alaskan village being completely swallowed up by the sea as Obama alleged in his speech today.

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