Figures. Obama Rips GOP Candidates for Debate Complaints But Refused to Attend 2007 FOX News Debate

At a Monday fundraiser Barack Obama mocked Republican candidates for their complaints against liberal media bias at the last CNBC presidential debate.

obama mock gop

Obama tore into Republican presidential candidates Monday night at a Democratic fundraising event in New York, saying their complaints about CNBC’s debate moderation aren’t an encouraging preview for their governing abilities.

Obama added, “Let me tell you, if you can’t handle those guys, then I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you.”


Of course, this is the same man who refused to attend a debate on FOX News in 2007.
That’s because FOX News was the only media outlet that was not buying the Hope and Change routine.
Color of Change reported: today praised presidential candidate Barack Obama for rejecting the proposed FOX / Congressional Black Caucus Institute debate – and urged Hillary Clinton and other presidential candidates to follow the lead of John Edwards, Obama, and the DNC in rejecting Fox.

Edwards announced last Friday evening he would attend a planned CBC/CNN debate, but not the CBC/FOX debate – Obama did the same today. “CNN seems to be a more appropriate host,” an Obama campaign aide told ABC News. Last Thursday, the Democratic National Committee also and have been viewed nearly 700,000 times combined. has been joined in recent days Black bloggers and Black media outlets in condemning the CBC Institute’s embrace of Fox. Here is a compilation of what people have to say.

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