GROSS. Obama Admin Takes Credit for Kurdish Gains Against ISIS – But Still Won’t Arm Them

Remember when you’re dealing with the Obama administration – they always lie.
Always Lie.

Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting Ben Rhodes went on with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday following the ISIS massacre in Paris on Friday night.

wallace rhodes

Rhodes first told Wallace the administration has a very stringent vetting procedure for Syrian refugees coming to the US.


Ben Rhodes: We’re still planning on taking in Syrian refugees. We have very robust vetting procedures for those refugees.

Of course, as Rep. Peter King (R-NY) noted, this is untrue. There is no Syrian databases or government records to vet any of the “refugees” coming to America. The country is torn apart in civil war.

Rhodes then told Wallace the Obama administration has made significant gains against ISIS.

Chris Wallace: Thursday President Obama was asked how we are doing in the war against ISIS and here is what he said.

Barack Obama: Our goal has been first to contain. And we have contained them.

Chris Wallace: We have contained ISIS and then just a day later ISIS launches the deadliest attack against ISIS since World War II. Mr Rhodes haven’t the president haven’t all of you profoundly misjudged the strength the capabilities and the ambitions of ISIS?

Ben Rhodes: No Chris, at the very beginning of the counter-ISIL (ISIS) campaign the president made very clear that this is going to be a long term challenge. That this is a group that is going to pose a threat to our homeland, to our allies. What the president was referring to very specifically, we had to stop their geographic advance in Iraq and Syria where they were gaining more territory. We have done that. In some respects we have rolled them back in different places in northern Iraq and northern and eastern Syria.

First of all, Obama originally referred to the Islamic State as the jayvee team. He wasn’t worried about them while they were expanding their territory in Syria and Iraq.

And the Kurdish Peshmerga forces are making all of the gains in northern Iraq and eastern Syria. In fact, the Obama administration still refuses to arm the Kurdish warriors.

Via FOX News Sunday:

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