NOT FUNNY: New Host of The Daily Show Gets TRASHED BY LIBERALS

Jon Stewart’s political value was huge for the left and they’re feeling his absence. Unfortunately for them, the new guy isn’t quite as good.

Inquisitr reports:

Trevor Noah has experienced a rough time since starting his hosting gig at The Daily Show. Everybody knew he would be ripped apart by the right wing media — that was a given. However, the left wing has ripped him apart as well. Salon now has become the latest left-wing site to declare that, perhaps, Trevor Noah just isn’t funny.

“Yeah, the new ‘Daily Show’ is so deadly that I have to do what I can to punch up the jokes. I’m not the only one who senses that something is lacking. Since Noah’s takeover, ‘The Daily Show’s’ ratings have fallen like a drunk heckler slipping on watermelon guts at a Gallagher show. Nielsen stats show a 37 percent drop overall.”

Salon adds that not everything is doom-and-gloom. The 18-24 demo has increased by 20 percent and on-demand streaming has increased by 44 percent. The writer, Sarah Burris, thinks that Trevor is having a rough time because his comedy isn’t the type of comedy The Daily Show is used to. Burris believes that Jon Stewart’s comedy was like Saturday Night Live, whereas Trevor Noah’s comedy is more Mad TV. However, some people in the comments section after the article have defended Trevor Noah.

It’s fun to watch the left devour themselves, isn’t it?


By the way, does anyone believe someone who works for Salon could do any better?

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