MUST SEE=> Muslim’s Tirade Against ISIS: “If You Don’t Like This Country, Why the F**k Did You Come Here?”

The Muslim community could use a few more courageous souls like this guy.
musilm anti isis

The video was originally posted after the Charlie Hebdo Islamist attacks.
A British Islamic scholar tells it like it is.
The Daily Mail posted the video this week after the latest bloody Islamist attack on Paris.

Video has emerged of an impassioned speech by a Muslim decrying ISIS terrorists for trying to impose Sharia law on the West.

The man launches in to a three-minute tirade and lashes out at violent extremists saying: ‘If you don’t like this country, why the f*** did you come?’.

The video has been widely shared online after gunmen murdered 129 people in Paris in a wave of terror attacks in Paris.

Unfortunately, radical Islamists probably slapped a fatwa on this Muslim’s a$$ after this disrespectful tirade.

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