Muslim Refugees OVERWHELMINGLY Favored By State Department Over Christians

Christian refugees

Surprise! The State Department favors Muslim refugees over Christians, even though Christians are the most persecuted faith group in the world.

The Hayride reports:

Though the overwhelming majority of Americans identify more with Christianity, the trends for accepting refugees and migrants overwhelmingly favor individuals who come from polar opposite types of cultures.

And when it comes to accepting refugees into the country, the Obama administration has a habit of favoring Muslim refugees over Christian refugees, even though Christian beliefs are more in-line with the country’s principles.

Take for instance the most recent events in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis. According to data by the State Department, the country has already accepted 2,184 Syrian refugees since 2011.

Of that number, 96 percent are Muslims, while only 2.4 percent are Christians. Syria’s population breakdown in 2011 consisted of 90 percent Muslim and 10 percent Christian.

Much has been made about a ‘religious test’ for refugees seeking a home in the country. Though the Obama administration claims no-such thing exists, nor should it, in actuality, a religious test does exist and it greatly favors Muslims.

Please Obama, lecture us on why we need more Muslims coming to America.


Image: (The Hayride)

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