MSNBC Host Claims Liberal Media Bias DOESN’T EXIST

chris hayes

The liberals over at MSNBC don’t have any concerns about the media being biased because they apparently don’t think the media is liberal. At least that’s what Chris Hayes said.

Newsbusters reports:

 Appearing on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Wednesday night, MSNBC host Chris Hayes rejected the idea that the “mainstream media” is biased against conservatives.

While Hayes acknowledged he was part of the “mainstream media” he argued that “what people don’t like is when they feel that there are biases at work that are unannounced. And I think the mainstream media is biased but not in any partisan way. I think there are certain biases we have. We have bias towards spectacle.”

Lol. What world is Chris Hayes living in?


Image: (National Review)

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