Michigan Letter To The Editor: Progressives Are RUINING THE COUNTRY

Letter To The Editor

People all over America are starting to realize that the progressive vision for America may not be the best way to go. The letter excerpted below is from a newspaper in Holland, MI.

Take a look:

Letter: Progressives ruining this country

Our founders added the bill of rights to the Constitution to protect the people from the possibility of an overzealous government.

Progressives believe more government is the answer to almost every problem and they really do not trust the people.
This can be seen in progressives’ criticism of the court’s ruling in “Citizens United.” It is very clear that when our founders spoke of freedom of speech they primarily had political speech in mind. Yet in 2014, 54 Democratic senators voted to allow Congress and the states to restrict political speech. Why? Because they believe the common people are ignorant and will vote for whoever spends the most money in campaigns. Thus the all-knowing government should save the people from their own poor decisions.

Fifty years ago, the chant on college campuses was “free speech.” Today our progressive-run universities are awash in speech codes — can’t say something that may challenge someone’s preconceived idea of the truth. So much for the First Amendment — and “higher” education.

Being a good progressive, Marcia Meoli now wants to repeal the Second Amendment. Just how does she propose to confiscate guns from the many criminals who already have guns illegally? Let me guess, repeal the Fourth Amendment?

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Wouldn’t it be great to see more letters to newspapers like this one?


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