Michael Savage: Obama Should Face ‘Nuremberg Trial’ For ‘Crimes Against America’ (VIDEO)

Michael Savage, host of the Savage Nation, author of “Government Zero” and best-selling author, joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss his latest book.

savage malzberg

Michael Savage weighed in on Barack Obama’s lawlessness and proposed a Nuremberg-style trial against this president.

Wherever you go the political calls, the .0001% ers who answer only to Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, you name it, George Soros, they run the show. There is no democracy. You know it. Sure we had big victories yesterday. Every election: down on marijuana, down on this absurdity of having men walk around women’s locker rooms under the guise that they feel like a woman. All of this insanity was thrown out in Houston. Pot was thrown out. You name it, big turnout. Big conservative wins. Just like in 2014, remember what happened? This thing in the White House who says it’s a small minority of people. Said to the people, “Go to hell, your vote doesn’t count. I’ll do what I want anyway.” We’re living in a dictatorship. We need an impeachment right now. And more than that Steven, I’ve been calling on my show in the last few days, I’m so pissed off, for more than impeachment because I know that can’t happen. Remember the Nuremburg trials in World War II for what the Nazis had done to the world? It sounds extremist but it really isn’t. We need a Wichita People’s Trial in America, conducted by the people online: prosecution, defense, jury. Is Obama guilty of crimes against America? How about listing 15 of them including violating the Constitution every which way but Sunday.

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