Louisiana Store Charges Men More Than Women Because Of The GENDER PAY GAP

gender pay gap

Feminists and journalists won’t let the mythical “gender pay gap” die. They continue to push it, which is now leading to some shops charging men more than women.

The Hayride reports:

For example, the 66<100 pop-up shop in New Orleans which opened Nov. 3. The Times Picayune did a glossy profile of the owner and the store, which is motivated by the gender pay gap.

Essentially, if you’re a man shopping at the 66<100 store, you will pay the full purchase price. But, if you’re a woman or a “female identifying customer” (as NOLA.com puts it), you will only pay 66 percent of the purchase price.

And the first sentence of the Times Picayune’s article states it as a fact that women in Louisiana earn 66 cents to every man’s dollar. No questions asked.

Except, the gender pay gap is a myth that has been perpetuated by journalists and the Left. Meanwhile, no serious economist takes the issue seriously.

In a CONSAD Research Corp report, the data clearly states the fact that the supposed “gender pay gap” where women earn 66 cents to every man’s dollar is simply the difference of all women and men working full-time.

Give it up, already.


Image: (ScoopWhoop)

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