Liberals Just Love This Barbie Doll Commercial FEATURING A LITTLE BOY (VIDEO)

Barbie commercial

In today’s progressive America, boys are routinely reprimanded for acting like boys. Biting a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun can get them suspended and the game of tag has been banned at some schools.

If a boy acts like a girl however, the left goes crazy with praise.

A new commercial for Barbie Dolls features a boy who can’t be more than six years old. His hair looks like it was done by a Hollywood stylist, and he sounds like he’s ready to host a reality show on the Bravo network.


How has the left reacted to this? They’re overjoyed.

Here’s how the San Francisco Gate reported the story:

At last! A boy stars in a Barbie commercial

Mattel is finally acknowledging the fact that boys play with Barbies.

For what’s being called the first time ever, a boy stars alongside girls in an advertisement for the iconic dolls.

In the video ad, an adorable mohawk-coiffed boy and his two spunky female friends play happily together with the new limited edition Moschino Barbies. At one point, the boy places a tiny Moschino purse on the arm of a doll dressed in designer wear, gives the camera a Zoolander look of Blue Steel and says, “Moschino Barbie is so fierce!”

Gawker said: New Hero Alert: The Boy in This Barbie Commercial

Watch the video:

You may have heard some people suggest that the left is trying to feminize boys and men.

Those people may be right.


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