Liberal Comedian Says She Wouldn’t Let Ben Carson GIVE HER A PAP SMEAR (VIDEO)

kathy griffin

Liberal comedian Kathy Griffin is once again trying to make herself relevant. What’s a Hollywood liberal to do when they want attention? Attack a Republican, of course!

Newsbusters reports:

PBS is the place for crude pap smear jokes, apparently. Liberal comic Kathy Griffin appeared on the Tavis Smiley show, Tuesday, to assail several of the Republican presidential candidates. As Smiley laughed, she mocked, “Dr. Ben Carson, I wouldn’t let that guy give me a Pap smear.”

On Tuesday night, she told Smiley, “I mean, something is just in the water. And Marco Rubio is, like, scary.” Of Donald Trump, Griffin snarled, “Once a week, just for fun, I send out a tweet just to Donald Trump and I say something like, ‘You are not qualified to be president. So, why don’t you just get my coffee [Expletive deleted].’”

Here’s a question: What doctor did her awful plastic surgery?


Image: (LifeNews)

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