Liberal California College Kids Mock Trump’s Immigration Plan (VIDEO)


The attacks against Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump have done little to stem the increasing flow of support for his campaign. Most of the attacks have stemmed from the mainstream media and the establishment Republicans, but now the Communist Party is taking a swing.

The Communist Party USA News, People’s World, took a trip to San Francisco State University to find individuals who aren’t exactly fans of Donald Trump. Needless to say that while the Communists were successful, their results are best described as cringe worthy. The Commies attempted to slam Mr. Trump by asking the students what they thought about the candidate’s immigration policy. But instead of creating a politically damaging video reflecting the intelligence of the Progressive Youth, the production instead leaves the viewer with the distinct impression that the interviewees aren’t exactly playing with a full deck.

The video begins with a rather homely young lady stating that Donald Trump will “pass laws” to deport Hispanics who haven’t resided in the U.S. for at least 5 generations, and that his idea of building a wall is “strange”. The video then continues with yet another Progressive brain trust staring blankly into the camera lens asking, “Who is going to build the wall?” The thankfully short production then concludes with another Progressive youth claiming that it’s “wrong” to deport those who have lived in this country longer than “Donald Trump and his whole family” and sums up her beliefs by saying that it’s scary to think there are people who would actually vote for Trump.


The Communist’s attempt at attacking Donald Trump is, without a doubt, a huge fail. Especially since it has left me wondering if the video wasn’t really just a poorly made skit from Saturday Night Live, or a Public Service Announcement encouraging kids to “Just Say No”…to Progressivism.

Video below:

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