Laura Ingraham: Plane Evacuated – Two Middle East Looking Young Men Led Away by Police at DC’s Reagan National

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Talk radio host Laura Ingraham live-tweeted a security incident early Sunday evening about an American Airlines plane as it was preparing to depart for Boston from Reagan National Airport, which is just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.

Ingraham reported that Flight 2124 was evacuated at the departure gate with police and bomb sniffing dogs searching the plane.

Eventually two men ‘Middle Eastern looking men’, bearing ‘green passports’ were led away by police. Ingraham noted neither man had carry-on luggage and that they did not ‘protest’ being removed from the flight.


Passengers were then allowed to reboard the plane reported Ingraham.

Ingraham said the pilot made an announcement that the men were asked about a paperwork issue and gave unsatisfactory answers so they were ‘being dealt with’.

Note: Ingraham for several tweets reversed the plane’s route before correcting herself. The Flight 2124 is from Reagan to Boston.

“AA flight #2124 from Boston to DC just evacuated & two Middle Eastern men taken off the plane. Bomb sniffing dogs brought on.”

“Update in AA flt 2124 from Boston to Wash–passengers still waiting. Lots of police coming on and off plane.”

“Passengers reboarding AA flt 2124. The two Middle Eastern-looking men were in their 20s, green passports, led away by police.”

“Neither of the men protested being removed from AA Flight 2124.”

Pilots of AA 2124 wdnt comment on the evacuation of the flight and removal of the two men. Neither passenger had carry-on luggage.”

Correct–excuse me AA 2124 Wash (DCA)–> Boston (BOS).”

Guys–AA Flight #2124 ready for take off to BOS minus the two Middle Eastern passengers! –LI”

“Pilot just announced it was “initially a paperwork issue” but “not comfortable” w/ explanations so two men “are being dealt with.” -LI”

Ever vigilant! -LI”

Ingraham’s last comment on the incident was a retort to a concern troll who accused her of being “paranoid, racist, and obnoxious”:

“These are the ppl who fret that Jihadi John didn’t have his rights read to him bef being taken out. “

UPDATE: WUSA-TV reports the men were questioned, released and are being allow to board a later flight.

The plane “was evacuated after crew members reported “suspicious activity” by two people on the plane…The two passengers were questioned by authorities and released. They did not reboard the flight, but American says they will be re-accommodated on a later flight.”

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