July 2015: ISIS Vowed to ‘Bring Slaughter to France, Fill the Streets of Paris with Dead Bodies’

The multi-pronged terror attacks in Paris on Friday night that have reportedly killed over 160 Parisians in as many as seven separate bombings and shootings appear to be the fulfillment of a threat by ISIS issued in July to, ‘bring slaughter to France’ and “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’.

The threat to Paris was made in a video that featured a masked French ISIS terrorist making a speech before he executed a Syrian soldier. The video apparently received little attention in the media at the time.

ISIS Paris Threat Screen image via DM
ISIS video screen image via the Daily Mail.


The Daily Mail reported on July 22:

“This is the shocking moment a French ISIS fighter vowed to ‘fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’ before he shot a Syrian soldier in the back of the head and kicked him off a cliff.

“In a vile ‘message’ directed towards the people of France, the masked militant spoke in perfect French before brutally executing a Syrian army prisoner by shooting him in the head.

“Ranting wildly into the high-definition camera used to record the execution video, the fanatic told listeners that ISIS ‘loves death like you love life’ and encouraged the group’s supporters to continue to plot and carry out further terror attacks in the European country.”

…”Today’s stomach-churning video was filmed in an ISIS-held area in Syria’s Hama province and was published online by the terror group’s local propaganda office.

“Standing on a remote cliff-top a jihadi loomed over a kneeling Syrian regime army officer and claimed that he is one of the estimated 500 French nationals waging jihad on behalf of the terror group in the Middle East.

“He declared that his ‘message’ is aimed not only to French citizens, but also to the international community and ‘everyone who fights Allah and his prophet’.

“Peppering his dialogue with rants about the strength of ISIS and how the terror group is protected by Allah, the militant encouraged a fresh wave of terror attacks in the French capital.”

Alalam reported the terrorist claimed five hundred Muslims from Paris have joined ISIS:

“He reiterated that he and 500 Parisians joined ISIS altogether.”

An excerpt of the video hosted by Alalam can be viewed here.

Heavy.com reported the two-minute long video was entitled, “We Did Not Wrong Them, But They Were Wronging Themselves.”

Site Intel Group reported on the video:

“A French-speaking fighter threatened that #ISIS will bring “slaughter” to #France and fill Paris streets with corpses”

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