John Kerry Says Climate Change is a Threat To NATIONAL SECURITY (VIDEO)

John Kerry on Climate Change pic

Most Democrats won’t even say the words “Islamic Terrorism” but John Kerry wants us to believe our national security is threatened by climate change.

From the Washington Post:

Kerry says climate change impacts armies as much as polar bears

Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Tuesday he will integrate climate change analysis and its national security implications into all future foreign policy planning.

In a speech delivered at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, home to the world’s largest naval base and already experiencing flooding linked to climate change, Kerry called climate change a threat to national security.

“We have to prepare ourselves for the potential social and political consequences that stem from crop failures, water shortages, famine and outbreaks of epidemic disease,” he said. “And we have to heighten our national security readiness to deal with the possible destruction of vital infrastructure and the mass movement of refugees — particularly in parts of the world that already provide fertile ground for violent extremism and terror.

“Long story short, climate change isn’t just about Bambi. It’s about us.”

Watch the video:

Read more at Legal Insurrection.

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