ITALY: Muslim Students Refuse to Observe Moment of Silence for Paris Victims

Six Muslim students refused to observe a moment of silence for the Paris victims of the ISIS attacks.
muslim girls

The Muslim girls rose from their desks and left the room.
Corriere Della Sera reported, via Vlad Tepes:

Six girls decided not to commemorate the victims of the Paris massacres. Six pupils at a technical institute in Varese, all Muslim, the children of North-African immigrants, rose from their seats on Sunday afternoon and left the classroom during the minute of silence the school held in homage to those who died in Bataclan, the Stade de France, the Paris bars and all the places frequented by their contemporaries.

They want to understand why we commemorate Paris but not the Russian aeroplane or Beirut,” a teacher told ANSA [news agency].

Locals are calling for the girls to be removed from school.

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