ISLAMISTS SMASH CROSSES in Spanish Church – Moroccan Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Arrested

spanish church destroyed
The Church of our Lady of Carmen in the Spanish town of Rincon de la Victoria, Andalucia was vandalized this week.

** They destroyed a Christ and a Virgin Mary statue.

** This was the second Islamic attack on a church in Rincon de la Victoria in a month. reported:

ISLAMIC vandals were today being blamed for breaking into a church and spray-painting “Allah” on the walls and destroying holy objects.

The attackers smashed wooden statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on the cross during the shocking attack earlier this week.

They stormed the Church of our Lady of Carmen in the Spanish town of Rincon de la Victoria, Andalucia on Monday morning.

Spain’s Civil Guard has now launched a probe into the vandalism.

A Moroccan man was arrested for the vandalism.

The Moroccan was screaming “Allahu Akbar” when he was captured.
The SUR reported:
(rough translation)

The attack occurred yesterday religious temple in the parish of The Cea, Torre de Benagalbón, and becomes the second to be produced in the town of Rincon de la Victoria in just over a month. On September 28 , a young man of Moroccan origin was arrested for causing damage to the shrine of the Virgen del Carmen. Apparently, he hits the glass with a stone in his hand while shouting “Allah big.”

On this occasion, the author of this new attack acted during the early hours of Sunday to Monday, as denounced by the Bishop. It was the parish priest, Augustine Carrasco, who yesterday early afternoon, discovered the damage to the interior of the temple, which affect the “Sagrario, numerous articles of worship and devotional images.”

The Local Police and Civil Guard were alerted Rincón what happened about 17:00 and started to take steps to identify the perpetrators. The Civil Guard has taken charge of the investigation, which initially focused on finding out if it is an act of vandalism or, conversely, an action of a group of radicals.

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