ISIS Suicide Bomber in Paris Owned Bar Despite Islamic Ban on Alcohol

French police are still searching for the 8th Islamist attacker connected to Friday’s deadly attacks.
Saleh Abdeslam is the brother of ISIS-linked killer Ibrahim who took part in the slaughter.

Saleh Abdeslam, 26 years old, was born in Brussels.

Abdeslam’s brother Ibrahim blew himself up in Paris with a suicide belt outside the Comptoir Voltaire cafe on Friday.

Ibrahim Abdeslam ran a bar before he became a suicide bomber.
It was closed down after a drug raid in November.

les beguines
The Jupiter Les Beguines bar was closed due to customers taking drugs on the premises reported:

A HYPOCRITICAL Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomber involved in the deadly terror attack on Paris owned a BAR – despite alcohol being forbidden by Islam.

Ibrahim Abdeslam – one of three brothers implicated in Paris attacks – ran a bar in Molenbeek – a rundown district of Brussels in Belgium which has been described as a “breeding ground for jihadists”.

Les Beguines bar, which served alcohol, was closed down on November 4 for drugs being taking on the premises , according to Le Parisien.

Abdeslam, 31, detonated his suicide vest outside the Comptoir Voltaire cafe on Friday night.

Residents had also repeatedly expressed concern to police over the bar where people would often gather to smoke joints.

A police raid took place on August 14, during which one policeman said “there was a strong smell of drugs”.

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