Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: European Elite Are Traitors (VIDEO)

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban told reporters in October the migrant invaders “looked more like an army than asylum seekers.”
migrants march
A stream of mostly male migrants march across Slovenia on their way to Western Europe.

This week Viktor Orban called the European elite traitors.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what we face is nothing loess than the challenge of finding ourselves at the gateway to the implementation of a deliberate conceptual project, which could be described as left-wing and which seeks to marginalise the nation states of Europe. Where this project has failed to overcome Christianity and the identity of the nation state – in conventional political struggle, it will strive to eliminate it on ethnic grounds… By whom and on what authority were the European leaders tasked with not only admitting but transporting to the European continent hundreds of thousands of people from groups outside European culture, so that European cultural identity will be called into question? But the answer can from us can only be that in opposition to this conspiracy and treason we must turn to democracy.”

Via Vlad Tepes:

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